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Mr. Radoslav D. Pavlov is an Professor at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - IMI-BAS (1979), PhD (Informatics, 1977), Deputy director of IMI-BAS (2007-2017), Head of the Department of Computational Linguistics at IMI BAS (1984-2016), Vice-President of Alliance for Strategies and Development of Information Society (Bulgaria), member of Association of Computational Linguistics and IEEE Computer Society. His major research interests are in the fields of Mathematical Linguistics and Knowledge Processing, Human Language Technologies, Information Society Technologies, Knowledge Technologies and Management, Semantic WEB services, Semantic Information Processing, Digital Libraries and Content Management Systems, Algorithmics, Theory of Computation, Discrete Mathematics, etc. In the latest years he was the site leader of more than 9 national and international projects.

CV of Prof. Radoslav Pavlov

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