Publications - 2005

1. Dimitrova, L., R. Pavlov, K. Simov, L. Sinapova (2005). Bulgarian MULTEXT-East Corpus – Structure and Content, International Journal „Cybernetics and Information Technologies”, 2005, vol. 5, ¹ 1, pp. 67-73, ISSN: 1311-9702.

2. Dochev, D., R. Pavlov (2005). E-Learning Solutions for On-The-Job Training. In the (Isaias P., P. Kommers, M. McPherson (Eds.)) Proceedings of IADIS e-Society 2005 Conference, 27-30 June 2005, Malta, pp. 433-437, ISBN: 972-8939-03-5.

3. Dochev, D., R. Pavlov, N. Moumoutzis, A. Aszenov (2005). Towards Broader Learning Content and Multiple Channels Delivery in eLearning Systems, In the Proceeding of the HUBUSKA Open Workshop “Technology-enhanced Learning with Ubiquitous Applications of Integrated Web, Digital TV and Mobile Technologies”, 9-10 June, 2005, Budapest, Hungary, pp.17-25, ISBN: 963 311 361 X.

4. Braynov, S., R. Pavlov (2005). Analysis of Trust in Electronic Markets, In the Proceedings of the HUBUSKA Open Workshop “Generic Issues of Knowledge Technologies”, 14 September, 2005, Budapest, Hungary, pp.85-99, ISBN: 854-91700-2-0.


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