Publications - 2009

1. Paneva-Marnova, D., R. Pavlov, K. Rangochev, D. Luchev, M. Goynov (2009), Toward an Innovative Presentation and Creative Usage of the Bulgarian Folklore Wealth, International Journal „Information Technologies & Knowledge”, vol. 3, Number 1, 2009, pp. 56-66, ISSN: ISSN 1313-0455 [pdf]

2. Paneva-Marinova, D., L. Pavlova-Draganova, L. Draganov, R. Pavlov, M. Sendova (2009). Development of a Courseware on Bulgarian Iconography for Ubiquitous On-demand Study. In: Szucs A. (Ed.) Proceedings of LOGOS Open Conference “New Technology Platforms for Learning – Revisited”. Budapest, Hungary, January 2009, pp. 37-46, ISBN: 978-954-91700-3-0. [ pdf]

3. Dochev, D., R. Pavlov (2009). Authoring E-Learning Content – Trends and Solutions. In: Kinshuk, D. G Sampson, J. M. Spector, P. Isaias, D. Ifenthaler (Eds.). Proceedings of IADIS CELDA 2009 International Conference "Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age", November, 2009, Rome, Italy, pp. 322 – 327, ISBN: 978-972-8924-95-9, ISBN: 978-972-8924-95-9.

4. Dochev, D., R. Pavlov (2009). Learning Content for Technology Enhanced Learning – Experiments and Solutions. In: Bodrow W. (Ed.). Proceedings of International Conference on e-Learning and Knowledge Society e-Learning 2009, Berlin, Germany, pp. 133-138, ISBN: 1313-9207.


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