Prof. Ludmila Dimitrova is the coordinator of the 7thFP project 211938

  • MONDILEX Conceptual Modelling of Networking of Centres for High-Quality Research in Slavic Lexicography and Their Digital Resources, with Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, 2008-2010)

  • MONDILEX-Proceedings-Moscow





    MONDILEX book

    Prof. Ludmila Dimitrova is the contact person from IMI for 7thFP project – research infrastructure of more than 70 institutions from 33 countries

  • CLARIN Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, 2007-2011 (web page)

  • Prof. Ludmila Dimitrova is the coordinator of the following joint research projects between IMI—BAS and the following academies and universities:

  • ”Semantics and Contrastive Linguistics with a Focus on a Bilingual Electronic Dictionary” with Institute of Slavic Studies of Polish Academy of Sciences (since 2006)
  • ”Contrastive Study with Focus on Design of Bulgarian-Slovak Digital Language Resources” with Ludovit Stur Institute of Linguistics of Slovak Academy of Sciences (since 2008)

  • Prof. Ludmila Dimitrova participates in:

  • ELSNET: European Network of Excellence in Language and Speech (since 1993)
  • INCO-COPERNICUS project PL96-1142 CONCEDE: Consortium for Central European Dictionary Encoding, with the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, UK, USA, 1998–2000 (web page)
  • COPERNICUS project 106 MULTEXT-East: Multilingual Text Tools and Corpora for Central and Eastern European Languages, with Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, 1995–1997 (web page)
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